Sensit Ventures

Accessing chemical information in real-time.

Our vision is to reduce environmental impacts of industries by accessing chemical information in real-time.

Sensit Ventures utilizes proprietary technology to develop, build and sell custom chemical sensors that provide solutions of great value to the defense, healthcare, agriculture and food industries. Our sensors are miniaturized, cost effective, require minimal power, and can be embedded in complex systems.

Our Services

Our chemical sensors can improve agricultural efficiency.

Food Quality Sensor

Sensit’s Miniaturized Micro Electromechanical System (MEMS) device detects specific chemicals in the air. The device runs on battery power, translates the chemicals detected into digital form for wireless data transmission and can be used to provide an early warning of spoilage for valuable food commodities in storage.

Embryo Sensor

We have identified the sex of chicken embryos early in incubation without penetrating the egg shell to optimize production economics and eliminate the male-chick culling practice.

“Our system is fast, informative and accurate. It operates in real time and can be linked to the cloud. We aim to unlock the potential to see with chemical vision.”

Tom Turpen

President & CEO, Sensit Ventures

Access chemical information in real-time.

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